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Gamelines Archery Club is dedicated to archery and bowhunting. We stress safety, education, good sportsmanship, friendship, and family fun.


Gamelines operates a private mountain-field range of the finest quality. The majority of the targets are life-sized 3D game animals. These targets range at unmarked distances from 7 to 60 yards. They are strategically and challengingly placed in life-like settings throughout the property. The 3-D and silhouette targets have mostly natural backstops. Additionally, the range sports a practice range, broadhead sight-in range, pitblind, and tree-stand/platform. The setting is wooded in mountainous terrain designed to simulate the Colorado hunting experience. The outdoor range is a member-patrolled facility. Each member is issued a yearly Range Pass which must be worn visibly at all times when using the facility.


The practice range lies at the entrance of the field range and only field points can be used there and on the mountain field range (the use of broadheads in these two areas will terminate your membership). The broadhead range is conveniently located but separate from the practice facility and there you can sight in your bow and broadheads at distances up to 60 yards.

People on the Range