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Membership Information


Dues are shown below.  An initiation fee is applied for NEW members.  If you are an existing member and did not participate in workday in previous year then a non-working fee is applied.

Member Type Initiation /Non-working Fee Membership Fee Total
Individual $100 $75 $175
Couple $100 $85 $185
Family (Children < 21) $100 $95 $195


RENEWAL FEE STRUCTURE: A $100 initiation fee is included in the pricing. This is also the non-working fee for members who do not get a work day during the year; this applies to NEW members as well. By participating in the annual work day or other approved work activity (see Work Day Options for more info), the renewal fee will be the “membership fee”. Membership renewal is based on CALENDAR YEAR and not on annual basis of when you joined. Renewal notification are sent by e-mail on Jan 5 with 2 reminders to ensure payment is received by April 1. If you join after Oct 1, the membership is good for the following year.



Gamelines Archery Club is dedicated to archery and bowhunting. We stress safety, education, good sportsmanship, friendship, and family fun.


Gamelines operates a private mountain-field range of the finest quality. The majority of the targets are life-sized 3D game animals. These targets range at unmarked distances from 7 to 60 yards. They are strategically and challengingly placed in life-like settings throughout the property. The 3-D and silhouette targets have mostly natural backstops. Additionally, the range sports a practice range, broadhead sight-in range, pitblind, treestand/platform, and running target. The setting is wooded in mountainous terrain designed to simulate the Colorado hunting experience. The outdoor range is a member-patrolled facility. Each member is issued a yearly Range Pass which must be worn visibly at all times when using the facility.


The practice range lies at the entrance of the field range and only field points can be used there and on the mountain field range (the use of broadheads in these two areas will terminate your membership). The broadhead range is conveniently located but separate from the practice facility and there you can sight in your bow and broadheads at distances up to 60 yards.




Membership Levels and Types

We have 2 levels of memberships… Working and Non-Working and 3 types of memberships: Single, Couple and Family.


The Working membership requires that you participate in at least one club sanctioned work day(s) each year. That work day qualifies you for the Working membership dues for the following year. All new members pay a one time initiation fee that covers their work day obligation the first year that they join. The Couple and Family memberships are “traditional” couples and families. Couples do not constitute two adult brothers, adult brother and sister, an adult shooter and his or her adult buddy or friend, etc.


All new members must read and agree to the Application Oath when applying for membership and provide family member names and birthdates for youth members.  A liability release form will be presented which you will need to "Agree" to before your application can be accepted.  

Join Gamelines


Crossbows, alcohol, pets, and smoking are not allowed on the range.


Gamelines is a non-profit organization regulated by its members, who elect a President, two (2) Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Board of Directors annually. There is one regular meeting a year held in January to communicate to members upcoming plans.  It is also the time that we elect new officers and solicit feedback on range improvements.  We host an annual Youth Shoot open to the public where we provide a BBQ which is  good time to meetup with members and get in a work day. A winter league is conducted at a local indoor archery facility which typically starts in January.


Membership allows full year round access to the outdoor range with no daily fees, except during special invitational shoots. A non-shooting adult or adult member must accompany youth members (under 18 years old). Members receive at least four newsletters each year to keep them informed of important dates, shoots, and events, which may interest them.


Gamelines Archery Club maintains membership in the Archery Shooters Association (ASA), Colorado State Archery Association (CSAA) and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA). We hold corporate/club liability insurance through the ASA. Gamelines encourages all members to join and maintain membership in the ASA/CSAA/NFAA as well, and to carry their own personal liability & health insurance. Gamelines insurance does not cover the medical costs of individual members or their families.


Gamelines Archery Club supports the Colorado Bowhunters Association (CBA) as a Club Affiliate member. All of our members are encouraged to join and support the CBA. “Colorado Bowhunting: An Opportunity Worth Preserving” The CBA is your “bow hunting insurance”.


All Gamelines Archery Club officers and board members are volunteers!


Gamelines welcomes contact by other non-profit groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and Hunter Education Instructors. Special days are set aside for invitational public access and special uses. Please contact us!


Gamelines guest policy allows you to bring the same shooting guest up to the range only 1 Time. After the initial visit that guest must join the Club; encourage your guest to join!  Referrals can be applied as a work-day obligation.

Members and guests are expected to abide by the club rules, regulations and by-laws. Any violation can result in suspension or expulsion without any refund or fees.