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Safety Rules


1. Remember that safety is the foremost consideration by all users.

2. Remember at all times that a bow and arrow is a deadly weapon that is as dangerous as a gun in the hands of an irresponsible person.

3. Never release an arrow when you cannot see where it will land. Never shoot an arrow straight up. Make sure the target is clear before you shoot. KNOW YOUR TARGET AND BEYOND!

4. Always point your arrow tip in a safe direction. POINT YOUR ARROW IN A SAFE DIRECTION!

5. Never shoot when another person is in front or to the front and side of you. Never shoot towards anyone holding a target or allow someone to hold a target at which you shoot.

6. Never brace or draw another archer’s bow without their permission.

7. Never shoot a broken arrow. Please inspect each arrow carefully as it is retrieved. Remember that most archery accidents are self-inflicted.

8. When shooting on the practice range, never draw your arrow or shoot before the range officer’s order of “ALL CLEAR“.

9. Upon completion of shooting on the practice range, always wait for the range officer’s order of “SAFE TO RETRIEVE YOUR ARROWS” before going forward of the shooting line.

10. If there is no range officer or Gamelimes Club officer at the practice line, the oldest member shooter present will assume the roll of range officer at the practice range.

11. Never dry fire your bow or shoot without an arrow on the bow.

12. You must follow instructions of the range officers. All unsafe or disruptive action on the range will not be tolerated and will be corrected immediately by the range officer. Uncooperative use will be asked to leave the range immediately. Unsafe members will loose their membership status and the police may be called for unsafe behavior.

13.You must be at least 16 years old to shoot at the range alone. A supervising adult must accompany all children.

14. Crossbows, alcohol, pets and smoking are not allowed on the range.

15. No broadheads on the practice range or the field range. The use of broadheads in these two areas will terminate your membership. Broadheads may be used on the broadhead range only.